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The Book

Cycling, Wine, and Men:

A Midlife Tour de France

With one bounced check, Nancy Brook’s world collapsed around her. She was charged with a felony and thrown in jail even though her husband had pilfered money out of their business account. Eventually, the charges were dismissed, but her marriage and business were over. A decade later at age forty-three, Nancy thrived as a bank vice president and single parent. But somehow, she couldn’t get her dating act together. After seven break-ups in seven years, she knew it was time for a change.

The cure for her dating blues? A 700-mile cycling expedition from Bordeaux to the Alps. In France, Nancy wasn’t a corporate manager, a mother, or someone’s girlfriend. She was reborn into a beautiful new world—without responsibilities or expectations.

Cycling, Wine, and Men: A Midlife Tour de France reveals Nancy’s introspective journey through post-divorce dating, single parenthood, and finding happiness and independence as an unattached woman in her prime. Nancy had thought the perfect guy would make life complete. Instead she learned that pursuing passions and fulfilling lifelong dreams created deeper fulfillment than her latest homme parfait. Experience the ride of a lifetime as Under the Tuscan Sun meets Sex in the City.

What Readers Are Saying

“…this has the biking, the French geography, but also a really strong story running through it.”
– Jackie

“I’d have bought this on the first few paragraphs, totally on personal reaction,
but I’m sure there are lots of us out there. …As I read on, you really have written this
well and there is plenty of interest for a whole range of people in here.”

– Lallie


“It has the ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ feel for how you open your heart and feelings
for everyone to share. I’m a cyclist also, and can relate to the empowerment felt by biking.
Your journey is entertaining and fun. Looking forward to reading more!”

– Lisa


“I think your narrative voice is smooth, enjoyable, and incredibly honest.
I had the feeling that I was with a friend who was telling me her story.”

– Lizzi

“I love it! You chose a great hook by using the cycling trip through France
as a sort of springboard for your memoir.”

– Xenia

“I had a fabulous white Schwinn with pink roses on my banana seat. I thought I was
the luckiest girl in the world. I love your opening quote and loved even more your opening line
[in chapter one]. The entire story is set up perfectly with that one sentence.”

– Janet Marie

“This is lovely, our heroine is a great character, her voice is so natural and intimate,
it is like she is talking to us across the table in a coffee shop.”

– Andrew

“This is Bill(ie) Bryson-escapes-men-finds-France-and-herself, and it will resonate so strongly
with women (and men) who have survived divorce, hated being back on the dating market, and always
wanted to do something different. You chose your bike and France, and make it seem easy,
but the hills you peddle up are emotional as well as physical.”

– Tony

“I love this. Yes I would buy it and read the whole thing.”
– Sue

“I felt really hooked by your effort to cycle almost vertically up the mountain.
Being totally non -porty myself I can only imagine the effort it takes … and the pain!”

– Marion

“Your story will encourage others to expand their own horizons.”
– Liz

“This is wildly entertaining and inspirational all in the same breath!
ery strong main character, and I love the cover. Great job – on my shelf.

– Kim

“Nancy is quite a gal. A lot of us could take a page from her book and live our lives
as if it was an adventure. A woman who is an inspiration.”

– J.P.

“I thoroughly enjoyed it! This read was heart-breakingly gorgeous and gives us all a little bit of hope…”
– Bexy

“I liked that she became stronger and started to live her life for herself, rather than for others.”
– Noelle

“Your strong narrative voice and quick wit make this a joy to read.”
– Alexie

“I found myself nodding my head, smiling, and enjoying your story.
I have to say that you have a sense of humor, even when things don’t look so good.
And you’re not afraid of a little adventure. Loved this.”

– K.J.

“An interesting blend of chick lit, travel journal and philosophical self-help novel.”
– Michael

“Fabulous and amusing ‘coming of middle-age’ story.”
– Sylvia

“What a bastard Jeff is! I have never been able to break off a relationship
with such ease or lack of feeling. She sounds like a lovely girl and damn pretty too!
He is a fool and I want to hit him with a stick until he repents!
Still, she is better off without him. France beckons.”

– Pete

“For me this is an important book. I hope it does get the target readership
thinking of shedding their disillusionment and to consider taking life by the horns
(or handle bars) again … your contagious heartfelt characterization comes over loud and clear.”

– David

“This is a gem of a read … Easy, flowing prose, good dialogue — internal and external —
nicely filtered exposition, a good dollop of self-doubt, and the opening dose of pain.”

– Cas

“Your descriptions remind me of the fun I used to have when I was a kid,
cycling around the countryside in Suffolk! I have a bike in the garage now and
you’ve just inspired me to get it sorted out and get back on!”

– T.P.

“This is really good. The first two chapters are powerful and give me
a complete picture of this woman. I can see her in my mind’s eye: single, athletic,
drinks red wine and eats yummy hors-d’oeurves, sophisticated, and fun.”

– Patricia

“Bravo for being able to step back from personal experience and create a real story.
You have a very fluid and natural writing style.”

– Sheryl

“I feel as if the story is being told directly to me, through the eyes of a woman in love of France
in love with biking, and in love with wine (three things I, too, share a love for).”

– Ashley

“I think your narrative voice is smooth, enjoyable, and incredibly honest.
I had the feeling that I was with a friend who was telling me her story.
I love books like this, and your brave experience of biking through France is enthralling.”
– Lizzie

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